Posted on May 23, 2019

The opening celebrations of our first country office in Africa

Yesterday, we celebrated the official opening of our country office in Nigeria. The Group CEO of Hofstede Insights, Egbert Schram, gave the opening speech on his first visit to the Sub-Saharan country at the Nordic-Nigeria Connect event, themed "Innovation for Change". The event was organized by the embassies of the Nordic countries in Nigeria. The Nigeria country office, headed by Okey Okere, is Hofstede Insights’ first country office in Africa. 

Nigeria opening-1

The event was attended by various representatives from many organisations (public and private), agencies and NGOs. Ambassadors of the Nordic countries in Nigeria and a representative of the office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria were also in attendance.

In his speech, Egbert discussed the combination of the data-driven approach of Hofstede Insights and how this will enhance the businesses of both local and multinational organisations in the country. He briefly explained how they impact the growth and sustainability of institutions, organisations and agencies across the country. Speaking on innovation and learning in Nigeria, he remarked that not the smartest, or fastest will survive; but those that are adaptable to the increasing change in the global environment; and adaptability cannot occur until we start to appreciate diversity – not merely physical diversity, but diversity in thought, creativity, and behaviour. 

Nigeria opening_4

With the physical presence of Hofstede Insights in Nigeria, organisations can get easier access to solutions, services and tools based on the world’s leading authority on National Culture and one of the world’s leading contributors to understanding and creating optimal organisational cultures.