Posted on February 13, 2019

Celebrating the opening of our Australasian office


Today we officially opened our office in Australasia headed by David Morley. To mark the occasion an invitation only event took place at the centre of Sydney with guests invited from a range of organisations across government and private sectors as well as NGO’s. David opened the launch by sharing the added value that a regional presence means for businesses in Australasia, highlighting that there will be local:

  • access to solutions, services and tools based on the world’s leading authority on National Culture and one of the world’s leading contributors to understanding and creating optimal organisational cultures.
  • sales and support for the complete range of Hofstede Insights solutions, services and tools.
  • opportunities for fellow consultants and internal experts to gain know-how and certifications in either or both fields of culture.


Egbert Schram, the CEO of Hofstede Insights, who joined the event from Helsinki, Finland where Hofstede Insights headquarter is located, discussed the combination of Hofstede Insights data driven approach and how it can help the increasingly diverse workforce of Australian organisations. He also introduced the latest research, programs and tooling across all pillars, intercultural, organisational and consumer culture. 

Egbert spoke on the value of a local presence that has the backing and support of a global network and a strong central office, and reinforced the close relationship that Hofstede Insights has had with Ponte Valle over the years, sharing his vision for a strong ongoing relationship.


Mario Vargas, the trade commissioner of Peru in Australia, introduced our guests to the concept and the importance of cultural intelligence in business today. Mario shared three short case studies based on real situations he has faced and how he used the Hofstede 6-D model to improve communication & marketing to promote Peru as a tourist destination and understanding the local market. Mario's conclusions were one of the most re-tweeted items of the day highlighting that:

  • Understanding that language is important, but it’s more important to understand what is driving the behaviour of the counterpart.
  • There may be global products, but there are no global people. Brands may be global, but there are no global motivations for buying those brands.
  • We need to be market oriented, not product oriented.

David Morley the Managing Director of Hofstede Insights Australasia discussed in greater detail the Multi-Focus Model on organisational culture.  He spoke of the importance of understanding the difference, and the interplay, between organisational and national culture, bringing this to life by sharing real cases, which included exploring the 6 dimensions of the Multi-Focus model. 

Autralasia office

In the wrap up of the launch David shared with the audience a summary of the range of solutions offered by Hofstede Insights Australasia, and announced the upcoming range of certification courses.


The key takeaway from the launch was that a genuine, and proven, approach to working with all levels, and manifestations, of culture has arrived in the region; underpinned by a serious and passionate commitment by the Hofstede Insights Australasia team to ensure the integrity and spirit of Prof Hofstede and the Hofstede Insights organisation will be carried forward.

Join the next courses offered by Hofstede Insights Australasia:

Cultural Ambassador course on March 12-13 2019, Sydney, Australia.

Certification Course in Intercultural Management, 25-28 June 2019, Sydney, Australia.

Certification Course in Organisational Culture, 2-7 July 2019, Sydney, Australia.