Posted on February 15, 2021

The opening of Hofstede Insights USA

CHATTANOOGA, TN - FEBRUARY 1, 2021. Hofstede Insights, the global leader in research-based organizational culture management, enters the United States with the opening of a new location in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Working with Fortune 100 companies like Unilever, P&G, Nike, Allstate, Bayer, Volvo, Philips and Microsoft, the Helsinki, Finland based consulting firm’s mission is to help organizations manage the impact of culture on work and life.

At no time in recent history has Hofstede Insights’ mission been more relevant. In recent months, the United States has faced an increasingly fractured and polarized society given the political tension surrounding the 2020 election, compounded by the difficulties presented by the global pandemic. Whether political, social or geographic differences, the rising complexities and tensions within the U.S. make building and maintaining organizational culture a top management priority.

“From years of studying the impact of a divided organizational culture we see that not only can it lower productivity, it can totally derail a company’s success in the marketplace,” said Lisa DeWaard, Hofstede Insights USA Managing Director. “Company leaders are waking up to this reality and are realizing the role they must play in shaping an optimal workplace.”

Hofstede Insights is uniquely positioned to provide a deep understanding of the current cultural landscape, using proprietary approaches to the study of company culture and how to positively impact it. 

Members of the company’s team established a presence in Chattanooga in 2017 and ultimately drew interest in the city as the first U.S. office. The firm is made up of management consultants, trainers, coaches, facilitators, academics and data technicians, all with global experience and recognized experts in their respective fields. The firm’s offering includes certification programs and consulting programs in organizational culture, intercultural management and consumer culture intelligence. 


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