Posted on May 17, 2019

Hofstede Insights set to continue working with the National Economic Development Agency of the Philippines

Dr. Minkov, senior advisor of Hofstede Insights, has been hired by the National Economic Development Agency (NEDA) of the Philippines to do a comprehensive analysis of 10 400 respondents that completed the National Values Survey. Named survey was developed in 2018 in collaboration with NEDA under a previous contract with Dr. Minkov and Hofstede Insights. Various researches in the social sciences illustrate the significant impact of culture in determining national development. Hence, the main objective was the development of a cultural model that can serve as a guide for determining interventions that can influence people’s attitudes and behavior to foster a culture supporting science, technology and innovation.

The National Value Survey is part of the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022, with the goal of contributing to building a strong foundation for inclusive growth, a high-trust and resilient society and a globally competitive knowledge economy. A main challenge for the government agency was the absence of a methodology for measuring cultural traits. After a thorough review of global models on culture, NEDA selected Hofstede Insights as the only organization being able to fine-tune a cultural model to Filipino specificities based on Hofstede’s research.

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The specific points of the study will include:

• An analysis of associations between educational level and dimensions of culture and personality.

• An analysis across the administrative regions of the Philippines represented in the study.

• An analysis across ethnic and linguistic groups represented in the study.

• A hierarchical cluster analyses of regions, as well as ethno-linguistic groups.

• Identification of the key dimensions of Filipino culture and the corresponding Filipino values for every dimension that substantially determine behavior, as this will serve as baseline in formulating and defining informed policies, plans and strategies towards creating a high-trust society.

• An analysis of how the identified dimensions and sets of values therein are expected to promote and/or hamper national development enabling NEDA to identify gaps and how best to address them.

• Definition of the key indicators and baseline values to monitor the key Filipino cultural dimensions that surfaced during the survey.

The project is planned to last 23 weeks and will include a visit to the Philippines with presentations, sharing sessions and meetings with government officials, including NEDA sector Staffs, local experts, and other stakeholders.

The national survey is set to be repeated several times until 2040, as part of AmBisyon Natin 2040, which represents the collective long-term vision and aspirations of the Filipino people. The national survey shall help with monitoring key indicators and the success of measurements towards this common goal.