Posted on October 30, 2018

The Hidden Customer #TheCultureFactor 2018

During her intervention at #TheCultureFactor 2018, Lalita Lee, Senior Consultant in Customer Experience & Business Transformation at MIDA shared some insights on one of the biggest assets of brands that is too often overlooked and shared some tips to remedy the situation.

Look at Lalita's presentation and watch the video to discover who is your hidden customer!

Lalita Lee


Lalita leeDesigner & Consultant in Customer
Experience & Business Transformation.
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 With a strong international background through my years working in Asia and Europe, in addition to my experience leading an Asia Pacific team in the areas of Marketing, Communications & Retail Experience and managing global consulting projects with international stakeholders, I have a clear understanding on the importance of Glocalisation.

Today, I support leading companies across Europe and Asia to design and deliver sustainable changes within their organisations that would impact the end-customer experience. This is achieved through the practice of the user-centric approach of Design Thinking whereby I would design internally with a team of consultants or co-designing part of the project with the clients.

My inspiration and motivation behind my design philosophy is to listen, when one listens, one then could understand and be in the shoes of the other.